Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anyone Need a Hero?

Have you ever needed a hero? Someone to swoop in and save the day? I remember one time when Jonathan and I were driving alone on a busy stretch of highway about 200 miles from home. We were headed home from several days of fun at Disneyland and traffic was quite heavy and as we zipped along in the fast lane.

Suddenly without notice, my car just died going 70+ miles an hour through the mountains known as the grapevine. Talk about a scary situation. And yet, it was as if God in an instant just held out His hand and cleared the way as I pulled my car across 4 lanes of LA traffic and onto the right hand shoulder.

There we sat - safe but alone. It was a Sunday morning and everyone we knew was in church. I phoned and text messaged everyone I could think of. Jonathan and I were in desperate need of a hero. It was about an hour later when I finally reached our Chairman of Deacons and he assured me that he and another Deacon were on the way. That day, they were my heroes.

In 2 Samuel 21:15-22 we find that King David himself was in need of some heroes.
Once again there was a battle between the Philistines and Israel. David went down with his men to fight against the Philistines, and he became exhausted.

The road had been long. The fight had been fierce. King David found himself exhausted from fighting the same old enemy over and over again. God raised up among him a group of men who surrounded the king and said, "You rest. We'll fight this one for you."

Chapter 23 lists the names of David's 37 mighty men. To be a member of this group they had to show unparalleled courage in battle and wisdom in leadership. They were truly heroes in the eyes of the King as they laid down their lives in service - even unto death.

Our churches today are in need of some heroes. Men and women of faith, courage and wisdom who will come alongside their Pastors and Staff who too are weary from the battle. The road can be long. The same old enemy often rears his ugly head and strikes. Many Pastors find themselves walking in David's shoes - exhausted.

How can you be their hero?
  • Pray for your Pastor's and their families.
  • Send them a card of encouragement.
  • Tell them that you love them and thank them for serving so faithfully.
  • Offer to make a visit for them.
  • As a church family, make sure that you Pastor's get ample time to rest and refresh themselves.
  • Allow them time away while the mighty men and women of God do what David's men did and "fight this one for him".

They love you, lead you, teach you, train you, comfort you, encourage you and give themselves in service to you - all in the name of our King! There are a lot of Pastor's out there in need of a hero to take a stand. Will that hero be you?


Patty said...

Wonderful post! If you don't mind I took the top part of that and especially when David was exhausted and needed the help of others to fight for him, I applied that to my family's situation. I have been weary and tired and I know God is giving me rest as He fights the battle for us!

Also, so true about helping our pastors!! One of my friends is a pastors wife and I know what they go through first hand and amen to all that you mentioned to do for them!!

Yolanda said...

I so agree and I think that is part of the victory we are winning against the enemy here in blogland. Loving those that are battle weary.

Like Aaron and Hur for Moses.

Love to you Miss Lisa,

LisaShaw said...

I absolutely agree with this! Bless you dear sister as we all stand together praying for the weary.

Anonymous said...

I have not been to your blog before but was reading through the scripture memory verses on LPM blog and checked your blog. I love the concept of not just living but living passionately in relationship with Jesus Christ. It is the desire of my heart as well. My name is Lynn and I live in Red Deer, Alberta Canada. A very long way from you:) but I love Beth Moore and her studies and this blog. I don't have my own blog but enjoy reading others.

Anonymous said...

Hey there old friend!
Blogging is new for me and I will have to make an account.
It was a good day to find you and your encouragement. I've needed a hero lately, and I think only God will work this one out. Rod's company closed 8 months ago. I've learned to depend on Him even more, and this has made me more compassionate, and hopefully more generous. I think I can honestly say I am not angry with God, but I feel hurt and He seems a bit distant and secretive right now.
I have you saved to favorites.