Sunday, August 30, 2009

God Painted This Just For Me

1 The heavens declare the glory of God;
the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Psalm 19:1
Driving home from church this afternoon, God was showing off BIG TIME! I just love when He takes the blank canvas of the sky and paints it just for me. What LOVE!

If you can seriously look at this sky and not see His Glory, I think you might want to check your pulse - because something is seriously wrong.

As I pulled over the car and whipped out my camera, Jonathan asked "What in the world are you doing? They're just clouds." And to him, that's all that they were. But to me, it was another marvelous way that God shows me how much that He loves me. He actually took the time to put something before my eyes that He knows I will enjoy. Something that will draw my heart and my eyes straight to Him, straight into the throne room of Heaven in worship!

This beautiful sky, the clouds, the green fields were all echoing today that He is GLORIOUS! I hope that didn't miss the opportunity to just take it all in - reflecting on the One who spoke it into being. He is GLORIOUS!
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Patty said...

Oh Lisa,
I love this picture and how God painted the sky just for you!

I love to watch clouds and I have so many pictures of them. :)

Thank you for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it was worth the stop and the time, Lisa. Even the grumblings of Jonathan!!

I love it when we notice the incredible scenery before us and stop. How often do we just miss it all because we are busy, not paying attention, or just staring at it all and don't see it?

Thank You, LORD, for Your clouds, Your little white puffs.
~ linda

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Beautiful picture Lisa and I love how it just made your spirit jump with joy!

Yolanda said...


What a passionate woman you are, in the PURSUIT of a HUGE GOD.


Beautiful Grace said...

Hi, Lisa,

This post reminds me of how much God love me too.

A few years ago, I was driving to the grocery store and saw the most fabulous sunset. It was so beautiful that I just started praising the Lord verbally!

In that moment of praise, I felt I heard Him say that He created that sunset just for me! He said no one else noticed it's beauty at in the same moments that I did, therefore, the moments I gazed were just for me. His Love and Presence overwhelmed me to the point of me beginning to cry.

I pulled into the store's parking lot, sobbing because I knew He love me. Before leaving the car, I thanked Him and asked if He would give me an opportunity to share His Love with someone else.

It turned out that the girl who checked me out that day had questions about God and a relationship with Him. The awesome thing is that I didn't say a word about God. She is the one who brought it up. How often does that happen in the checkout line?

Anyway, I told her about my relationship with God and left the store again sobbing at His wonderful goodness!!!