Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thankful Thursday #30

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey
It's Thankful Thursday and I am again joining Sonya at Truth 4 the Journey once again. Click on the button above and feel free to join in with 5 items of Thanksgiving.

  1. Thank You God for providing the funds for my trip to Houston. Attending the Siesta gathering seemed so out of reach 40 weeks ago. But in faith believing, I began to memorize my verses to qualify to attend. Sometimes Lord, You just blow me away.
  2. Thank You God for providing for Debbie to go. I so wanted to share this trip with my friend, but it wasn't looking good. Again, you came through in a big way.
  3. Thank You God for Your revealed Word. You have revealed Yourself to us page after page; and in the same way You reveal me to me.
  4. Thank You God for teachers who impart truth. Thank You for not allowing me to be satisfied with milk, when there is meat to be eaten.
  5. Thank You God for working in the lives of my family. I see You moving. I hear You speaking. I don't ever want to take this for granted.

How about you? What are you thankful for?


Nana Jul said...

How awesome is the Lord's love and provision! How awesome He is! #3 is hitting home with me too! He's so gracious!
Have a blessed rest of the week!
Love Julie!!

Valencia said...

I'm so glad you guys have the funds to make a trip. It's always good to hear how He provides!!

sarah said...

these are great. Sarah

Jane In The Jungle said...

The trip will be great!
Love your #5.


MyJourneyBack said...

Lovely thank you list. It's amazing when you see fruits of his provision. I am in awe right now myself.
Thanks for sharing your list.
Have a Blessed Day,

Lea said...

I'm excited you get to go to Houston!
Happy TT
God's good!!

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Hi Lisa! It's so nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your comment.

Yes, it is sooooo wonderful the way God blows us away with his blessings. Especially when he blesses us for taking our desires to Him in prayer and watching for Him to answer. So awesome that he answered yours.

Again, it is so nice to meet you,
Lee Ann

Nancy M. said...

It's so wonderful y'all were able to go on the trip! Awesome list!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Hi Lisa. I love your thankful expressions.

Yolanda said...


Love to you Lisa!

Samantha said...

Beautiful list, isnt it wonderful to hear God speaking to us !

~ Blessings to you dear one.