Sunday, January 4, 2009


Don't you just love to go to church only to return home after having God thrill your socks off! This morning the Pastor began a new series called, "You Got Game?" The very first point of his sermon talked about having an impact. He said, "Teams in professional sports are made up of great players. If they weren't talented, they wouldn't be there. But not every great player on the team is an impact player. An impact player is someone who by their very being, their very presence, challenges you, encourages you to be the very best that you can be".

That's it! That's the type of Christ-follower I want to be..., not just a good neighbor and friend, not just a good wife and mother, but someone who is making an impact on someones today and more importantly someones eternity. But how?

I believe it starts by me falling in love with Jesus all over again. Oh I've loved Jesus and I have never doubted that He loves me, never stopped serving Him. But to be in love with Jesus is something totally different. To once again treasure His word and have a desire to see what He has to say to me each and every day. To be able to look in the mirror and say with a smile, "I've got my joy back!"

That is my pursuit! That is my passion! I want to be that woman!
You could say..., "I'm a woman on a mission."

We closed with this song this morning by the Desperation Band entitled "Treasure". For a girl who loves the ocean, I can just visualize it in my mind:

Your breath is like rain
Your Word it sustains me
I've come to this place
With intentions of finding You
Your Truth is a lamp
Your Wisdom, my light
I'm seeking Your face
With intentions of finding You, finding You

I would run for a thousand years
If I knew every step would be getting me closer
I'd swim to the ocean floor
For my Lord is the Treasure
My Lord is the Treasure

The Bible says if we seek Him, we will find him. What's your treasure?



Nana 2 four said...

Oh, Lisa - Yes, God is my treasure. May we always pursue him with a passion. I long for the presence of God in my life on a daily basis.

Love coming here - your posts are great!

Seeking Him,

Anonymous said...

Thank You for reminding me of real treasure.For years I have been in the fast track! I allowed nothing to change my course,my family took the back seat.We attended church for the clients.

Over the last month everything fell apart!
Your article spoke to all that really matters here. You are a gentle soul.

Out of the fat lane,