Monday, June 22, 2009

10 Ways my Dad Reminds Me of Jesus

Ten ways my Dad reminds me of Jesus:
  1. He has shown me a lifetime of unconditional love - just like Jesus.
  2. I have seen him give when he didn't have it to give - just like Jesus.
  3. He worked long hours every day during the week driving a truck for Nabisco. Every Saturday he was at the church fulfilling the role of janitor and took care of the yards. He provided for all of our needs - just like Jesus.
  4. He is the full time care taker of my 94 year old Grandmother. He makes her meals, cleans her house, does her laundry. He makes untold sacrifices - just like Jesus.
  5. He would drive miles in a car, van or bus to bring boys and girls to church so they could hear about a God who loves them - just like Jesus.
  6. He coached every little league, softball, basketball team his kids ever played on. He taught us to work together as a team - just like Jesus.
  7. He has never been one to put himself out there for everyone to see. He is more content to be a servant - just like Jesus.
  8. Life the last several years have been hard, but he hardly ever complain. He gets up every day and go about his business, whether anyone ever says thank you are not - just like Jesus.
  9. He has taught me as much by example as he has by his words. He have poured out his life for others - just like Jesus.
  10. He made sure that Melani, Jeff and I learned that putting God first was the most important thing that we could ever do - just like Jesus.

Thank You Dad for not just telling me about Jesus, but for living him out before my eyes in everything you do. Happy Fathers Day! I love you!


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I am so glad that you have such great memories of your dad and that you are still getting to make more!

I miss my precious daddy more than I could ever tell you. He has been with Jesus for almost 15 years (next month) and was only 58 when he died. I had a real hard time yesterday - just tried not to think about it.

CHerish him, Lisa!


Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Lisa, this was so beautiful. The way you described your Dad reminds me of the way my husband is. So hard working and willing to go the extra mile...or do something for someone in need.

Thanks for sharing your memories of him. And what a blessing to still have him in your life as an adult!

Love in Christ, Mississippi

Nancy said...

That is a beautiful tribute. I'm sure he would enjoy it very mnuch. My dad loved it when I wrote about him.

Crown of Beauty said...

What a beautiful tribute to your dad. Having a dad like him sure points the way to Jesus, and I was blessed to read your post today!

Melani said...

We do have a wonderful DAD.
Love ya