Monday, May 11, 2009

The Perfect Day

Yesterday we had the best time! We got up early and drove to church in Noblesville. The hour drive didn't seem long as we talked and things that were going on in each of our lives. We attended White Rock Fellowship which is currently meeting in a brand new movie theatre. The nursery, children's church and the main worship are all in different theatres. The entire service was awesome. My son enjoys the comfy seats and the cup holders. He thinks every church should have them.

I've been told that when it's time to baptize, all of the members brings jugs, coolers, whatever they can find to haul as much hot water as they can bring. They then dump the hot water into a horse trough that has been placed right out in front of the theatre. It's quite the attraction.

In fact, the time they baptized a young man who had been saved during his time in Iraq was coming into the theatre to see a movie. He stopped to see what was going on. After several believer were baptized he asked if he could too. Revival just about broke out right there in front of the theatre.

When the service concluded we headed off to BD's Mongolian Barbeque. Now that may scare a few of you off..., but it is so yummy. You create your own stir-fry. They have a buffet line set up with 3 stations.
  1. The first is filled with raw meats of every kind including, prime rib, NY strip, pork, lamb, chicken, shrimp, scallops, crab to name a few.

  2. Next you add all of the fresh veggies you want. The selection is wonderful. You fill your bowl until it is heaping.

  3. Then you head to the third stations where you fill a little bowl with your choice of sauces, Black Bean sauce, terriyaki, soy sauce, BBQ sauce, fajita sauce, mongo marinara, pad thai, and the list goes on. Then comes all of the spices you can think of to finish off your own personal concoction.
This is what my bowl of raw ingredients looked like. Shrimp, Crab, pea pods, pineapple, lots of sliced mushrooms and an egg that will be cooked and folded in.

Now it was time to have the "Grillerz" dump my bowl on the grill and start cooking. They use these really long metal bars to stir fry the ingredients.

And here is the finished product. Trust me it looks so much better in person than in these pictures from my cell phone. (I see a curly noodle on my plate. Hmmmm, must be from the person whose food was being grilled next to mine.) One thing I don't recommend, getting between a 13 year old boy and his stir fry. He polished off two great big bowls. He is very adventuresome with the spices. Why is it that his always tastes better than mine?

James 1:17 says, "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."

If the Word of God is true - and it is! Then my son was given to me straight from the heart of God! No question about it!

Thank You Abba Father!


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Sounds and looks like you had a great time! I am so glad that you and your sweet son got to spend some good quality time together. WOn't be long and you'll look up and he will be grown and gone!!

I love the picture of you two! Pure happiness.

Yolanda said...


I want to say, thank You Father, for your Jonathan as well.